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Why We Let Them Go

November 25, 2013

Ugh, Facebook. Where everyone has an opinion and everyone is an expert. Today I came across a post and subsequent comment-fest that really got under my skin. The post was promoting a yellow lab for adoption. The foster mom has a similar lab of her own and a Facebook page devoted to his adventures. The foster dog is often featured on the page, and while many people follow this page and ‘love’ these dogs, still no takers for adoption. That is, until today. When the foster announced the dog had a potential forever home, the masses went wild. And the comments were mainly negative — “How COULD you?”, “He BELONGS with you!”, “NOOOOO!”, etc.

why we let foster dogs go

Former foster Grasshopper, now top dog in forever home

Letting a foster dog go on to his forever home is never easy, but it’s what we signed up for, and comments like this really don’t help with the process. These dogs often come to us ‘broken’ physically or emotionally. We bring them back, let them go, and tomorrow do it all over again.  We all have our limitations; we can only take in and handle so many dogs at one time. For every foster we move out to a permanent home, another can move in to take his place. If I keep them all, there will be no more room for fostering in my home.

I sit in my car and cry after delivering every foster to his new home. It’s not easy to let them go, but it is the right choice. I have 3 dogs of my own plus the fosters I take in. At my house, the foster would be the 4th dog if I kept him… when he could and should have a chance to be someone’s number 1, someone’s everything. We just want to give our foster dogs everything we can’t. That is why we do this.

I am sure you often mean well with your Facebook comments about how the foster dog is so happy and just has to stay in the foster’s home forever, but they aren’t supportive and lead us to question doing the right thing we know we should. Next time, instead of leaving a comment like this that you think is cute and complimentary, tell the foster ‘thank you’ and wish the dog well on his journey. It will mean more to us than you can ever know.

  1. Very well said! From one Foster Mom to another. Thank you for giving a piece of your heart away every time. xoxoxo

  2. sharono1 permalink

    Thank you – sometimes we focus on the detail (we know how much it hurts to let go) and not the BIG picture

  3. Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. “I sit in my car and cry after delivering every foster to his new home.”

    And this is why the FB comments should always say, “Thank you.” Great post, Jill. You’re always on point!

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